What are the current trends in Website Design?

Website design is one of the most important factors for the growth of any website. While some websites stick to their design and update effectively from time to time without following the current trends others tend to change their designs from time to time based on current trends.

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What is The Importance of Branding Your Small Business?

Much more than an eye-catching logo, effective branding can enhance the value of your business, offer motivation and direction to employees and makes your presence stand apart from the crowd. But, what exactly are the key pillars of branding services in Delhi and why should small ventures consider them?Read More

How Responsive Designing solves problems related to Multi-Screen?

With the responsive website designing, branding packaging in Delhi is complete because now you will be able to advertise your brand on all possible devices irrespective of the multiple screen types, sizes, and resolutions. This principle embraces fluid web and does not go against this for a change.

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Benefits of E-mail marketing

Viewing this page means that you are trying to weigh e-mail marketing and want to confirm if it is actually the most preferred Internet marketing technique used by numerous businesses across the globe. And if it is then why. Knowing what could be achieved by employing successful strategies, i.e. the benefits of email marketing, is the best way to begin with.

The main reason for its popularity is the capability to access them anywhere, anytime with the increased use of handy devices.

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Why Visitors Reject your Facebook Business Page

Facebook business page is very efficient way of obtaining popularity among the internet users. But, not all the Facebook pages always get positive feedbacks and bombarding of likes.  Some pages get negative feedback too. Unfortunately, the failure stories are lot more than the success ones. However, sometimes it helps the marketers to evaluate their Facebook marketing strategy. Still, there remains a big question mark – why people rejected the Facebook page?

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Web Design tips for better User experience

In our previous post, we had discussed about the significance of user experience on your website. Understanding the way user experience impacts the search ranking of your website on SERPs can go long way.

Your business website should not only create fascination within the audience but also sound useful. In this post, we’d discuss useful tips on how your business website can become more useful to your audience and provide a better user experience.

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Why you should invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the very first step of every digital marketing strategy. In recent years, with the rapid evolution of marketing through digital platforms, SEO has become a symbol more of branding than anything else.

Unfortunately, many of the businesses do not understand the significance of SEO and consider it as wastage of money. But in reality, SEO has improved so much, that a properly optimized website has very less chances of errors and bugs in its coding and has the solid capability of grabbing the huge number of audience.

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Importance of Responsive Website Design

As you know Smartphone and tablet usage in increasing day by day, therefore it’s very important to make your website responsive for mobiles.

Let us check the stats that describe the exact overview of mobile and smartphone usage:

  1. More that 20 percent people like to do Google search through mobile devices.
  2. Almost 25 percent people access internet via mobile device in USA.
  3. In 2015, mobile internet users will cross the milestone set by desktop internet users.

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Get started to Know Basic Business Email Etiquette

Nowadays, email is the most important medium to contact people, whether you are sending the usual newsletters to your vendors or clients; informing potential target audience about the latest updates of the industry as well as the latest offers; or engaging them enough that they are ready to convert to client / customer. Herein lies the importance of drafting email messages according to your audience.

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